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"My artistic practice is driven by a profound mission: to explore the depths of self-awareness and foster grounding and coping mechanisms through the transformative power of art. Through my paintings, art workshops, and painting classes, I aim to guide individuals on a journey of introspection, enabling them to discover their inner selves while finding solace and resilience in the creative process. My mission is to facilitate growth, healing, and self-discovery by nurturing a space where artistic expression becomes a conduit for personal transformation."

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"If you haven’t spotted a hidden “Bleeb Blob” in one of my paintings you haven’t looked long enough!"

Lacy Talley, a Cleveland-based artist, is known for her colorful eccentric figure based acrylic paintings that capture otherworldly existences with a jovial poise. Her bright, bold palette is complemented by the different perspectives she pushes in her pieces. 


Throughout the years of her creative journey, Lacy placed her main focus on branding and identity projects, illustration work and mural art. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communication Design and a minor in Pan African Studies from Kent State University. Lacy primarily works in acrylic paint, resin, clay, and digital art in a fusion style of Afro Futurism and Surrealism.


As an Art Director, she has worked with Spotify, Moet Hennessy, SpikedDDD, Cadillac and more on campaign roll outs, presentation decks, and partnerships. Recently, Lacy has partnered with Maker’s Mark for their Art & Soul Program, highlighting emerging Black Creators making the world remarkable with their vision. She has worked in partnership with the National Basketball Association and the Marcus Graham Project as one of the designers of the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Social Justice Champion Award as well as the Cleveland Summit location marker. Learn more about her story below!

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Lacy Talley


Indulge in Lacy's art where imagination comes to life! Shop canvas prints, stickers, stationery art, and more, all thoughtfully designed to bring accessible and uplift the vibes to any home!

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