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Meet Lace!

Lacy Talley, a versatile artist and graphic designer that hails from the vibrant city of Cleveland, OH. She is celebrated for her dynamic and eccentric figure-based acrylic paintings that transport viewers to otherworldly realms with a captivating sense of vitality. Lacy's artistic journey is a testament to her unique fusion of Afro Futurism and Surrealism, drawing inspiration from the enigmatic allure of crystals. This infusion adds a one-of-a-kind edge that transforms familiar subjects into imaginative visual experiences.


Lacy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communication Design and a minor in Pan African Studies from Kent State University, providing her with a strong academic foundation. Her artistic repertoire encompasses acrylic paint, resin, clay, and digital art, which have been enriched by her international adventures in Ghana and Senegal, further influencing her art.


As an Art Director, she has collaborated with notable brands like Spotify, Moet Hennessy, SpikedDDD, Cadillac, and others on campaign rollouts, presentation decks, and partnerships. Recently, Lacy has partnered with Maker’s Mark for their Art & Soul Program, spotlighting emerging Black Creators who are making a remarkable impact on the world with their vision. She has also worked with the National Basketball Association and the Marcus Graham Project, contributing to the design of the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Social Justice Champion Award and the Cleveland Summit location marker.


Lacy's dedication to artistic expression and community engagement is evident through her participation in the Heights Art Collaborage Group Exhibition and a mindfulness-centered art installation at the 2023 Fresh Fest in collaboration with Deep Roots Gallery. Her most recent exhibition, "I AM," ran from August 4th through September 23rd, 2023, at The Edge: An Artisan Fair, inviting visitors to revisit the comforting activities of childhood.


Continuing to be a driving force, Lacy serves as the official brand ambassador for the traveling art show, A Spectacular Black Girl Art Show. Her work is currently featured at Dr. George Streeter Gallery, where her "Lady of Harmony" Crystal Lady ceramic bust resides in her crystal ecosystem until April 15th at the Art Therapy Studio. Additionally, she has collaborated with Canvus, a local Cleveland company dedicated to upcycling retired wind turbine blades into functional art, resulting in her piece, "The Sanctuary of Dreams, Imagination, and Abundance," which now adorns Every Child's Playground in Avon, OH.


Lacy is currently a fellow in Zygote's BIPOC Fellowship Residency Program, which aims to support emerging artists in completing specific projects or bodies of work that benefit from Zygote's specialized equipment and supportive community. Her selection for Karamu's Room in the House Fellowship Award at the historic Karamu House, the oldest African-American theater in the United States, underscores her significant contributions to the arts and her enduring dedication to artistic excellence. Lacy Talley's work and presence exemplify the boundless creativity and passion she brings to the world of art and design

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