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The Sanctuary Of Dreams, Imagination And Love

This public art collaboration with @gocanvus and @ppgpaints now lives at Every Child’s Playground in Avon, OH! 🛝Canvus is a local company in Cleveland, OH that upcycles retired wind turbine blades into functional art to amplify public spaces!


"The Sanctuary of Gratitude, Imagination, and Abundance" is a creation that deeply resonates with my artistic vision. This installation highlights my characters known as the Crystal Ladies, which I carry with me for protection, wisdom, and guidance. In this piece, I have chosen to showcase the following Crystal Ladies: Rose Quartz, symbolizing the Lady of Gratitude; Yellow Jasper, representing the Lady of Friendship; and Sapphire, embodying the Lady of Inner Vision, Focus, and Dreams. My intention was to create a poetic connection between these Crystal Ladies and the various varieties of roses, offering visitors an opportunity to immerse themselves in a space where gratitude, imagination, and abundance coexist harmoniously, in a captivating interplay of color, light, and emotion. Additionally, the base of the installation features empowering 'I AM' Affirmations, inviting visitors to engage with the artwork by practicing these affirmations, thereby strengthening their personal connection to the piece!

canvus photo-crisp.png

Photography by Joshua Gunter

Watch a recap of me creating the PAR piece!


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