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Photography by Kenneth Cody




Step into a world where doubts gently fade away, making room for the warmth of self-discovery and empowerment to take hold of my heart.

Exhibition Dates August 4th-September 23rd

The Edge: An Artisan Fair, 11606 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH


Maker's Mark Art & Soul 

Participation in Maker's Mark's Art & Soul Program marked a pivotal milestone in my portfolio. Chosen as one of six artists representing the Midwest, I assumed a crucial role as an emerging Black Creator, spotlighted for making a significant impact on the world. Learn more about the partnership!

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This show marked my first solo exhibition, which opened on October 7th, 2022. The experience of solitude brought a profound sense of clarity and reassurance regarding the new paths I wished to pursue in both my life and artistic endeavors. Learn more here!


Nucleation Live Art Experience

Welcome to "Nucleation: A New Structure Via Self Assembly or Self Organization" – an intimate and extraordinary live art experience that invites you on a deeply personal journey of resilience, self-discovery, and empowerment. This heartfelt show is all about my story,  and how I emerged from an emotionally abusive relationship, battled depression, and found my voice, purpose, and self-love. Learn more here!

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