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" I AM Resetting" Mural

The Art Wall is a rotating art space on Public Square located on the back side of the restaurant REBOL on the quadrant in front of the Terminal Tower. Digitally-printed murals by diverse local artists adorn the cafe wall and rotate every three to fourth months, creating a constantly changing outdoor gallery space that inspires conversation among visitors. Here's my installation in collaboration with LAND Studio!



To redefine, one must reset and evaluate. This process often involves consciously resettingbehaviors, beliefs, and priorities. Stepping back from the familiar, I took the time to reflecton what truly mattered and aligned my actions with core values and goals. I let go of habits,patterns, and people that no longer aligned with the higher version of myself I sought tobecome, embracing new ways of thinking. In this moment, I found myself deeply engagedin introspection, pondering the profound idea of redefinition and its personal significance— how I desire to be supported, loved, and nurtured.This is my place of rest and resetting.


Here, my Bleeb Blobs and Crystal Ladies serve as my beacon of transformation and rejuvenation. Bleeb Blobs act as my protectors and can be found in 90 percent of my artwork! The Crystal Ladies, embodiments of my favorite crystals, each personify qualities such as protection, wisdom, clarity, and guidance. They stand tall, reflecting my artistic journey and profound connection to crystals. Influenced by SouthNdebele culture, their elongated necks symbolize inner richness—self-awareness, resilience, and self-love. This fusion gracefully merges the South Ndebele tradition with a narrative of self-discovery and self-acceptance. In what ways would you like to redefine yourself?

Releasing in the beginning of June!

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