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This show marked my first solo exhibition, which opened on October 7th, 2022. The experience of solitude brought a profound sense of clarity and reassurance regarding the new paths I wished to pursue in both my life and artistic endeavors. As a creative individual, it is crucial to allocate time for self-reflection and envision how one intends to navigate their journey on this Earth. This show served as a reflection of precisely that sentiment.

I showcased over 10 unseen pieces, a few interactive works that featured my ceramic creations and I showcased the first collection of the Crystal Ladies! These figures hold a special place in my heart, embodying my personal collection of cherished crystals, each one embodying attributes such as protection, wisdom, clarity, and guidance. It's a venture that has allowed me to artistically celebrate the profound qualities of these crystals through these resplendent beings. The Crystal Ladies, standing tall and exuding an aura of pride, serve as a visual representation of my artistic endeavor. They are a collective embodiment of the crystals that hold significance in my life, and they stand as a testament to the diverse range of attributes these crystals possess. The exhibition took place at Jackson's Motif in Downtown Cleveland.

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