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Experience the Magic: Live Wedding Painting


Witness the beauty of your wedding day come to life on canvas with my live painting services!


**The Process:**

As your special day unfolds, I'll be there, an hour before your ceremony begins, setting up my easel at your chosen venue. With every brushstroke, I'll capture the essence of the moment - from the serene background to the arrival of your beloved guests, culminating in the depiction of the radiant couple and their cherished entourage. 


After the festivities, I'll carefully transport the painting to my studio, where I'll add the final touches, allowing it to dry before shipping or delivering your timeless masterpiece. 


**What’s Included:**

Your one of kind, work of art will be crafted using top-quality materials, guaranteeing its longevity as a cherished family heirloom. Additionally, your guests will enjoy 4-7 hours of live entertainment as they watch the painting evolve before their eyes.


**How Does it Work:**

Let's connect to discuss your vision and all the intricate details so I can provide an accurate quote. Relax and revel in your big day, knowing you've chosen one of the most unique wedding services available!


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